The Friends of Uppingham School Hong Kong was incorporated as a membership organisation by Dr David K P Li (H 54) in 2005 to help build stronger links between the Uppingham community in Hong Kong and the School in the UK.

Over the years the primary function of the Friends has been to host events and keep members up to date with projects and developments underway at the School, under the chairmanship firstly of Dr Li  and then Mr Anthony Nightingale (L 61). During Covid, and due to the restrictions on travel and attending events, the membership of the Friends was put on hold but happily we are up and running again.

Mark Hardy (Hf 84) took over as Chairman in 2021 and in the last 12 months we have organised three successful events, partially subsidised by the Friends and all very well attended by OUs and parents. To organise more events and to build on the work of the last 19 years we would love to have more members who are willing to show their support for Uppingham. 

The annual fee to become a Friend is HK$600 or you can be a lifetime member for HK$30,000. As a member of The Friends of Uppingham Hong Kong you will be invited to an annual special event with the Headmaster, reserved only for those who have an active membership.

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The Friends of Uppingham School Limited Executive Committee

Mr Mark C. Hardy  Chair, Parent, (Hf 84)Mr. Adrian To Wai Yip (Former Parent)
Mr. Alex A. Williams (Fgh 92)Dr Johnny Sei Hoe Hon (H 85)
Mr. Rock C. Chen (Former Parent)Mr. Fok Kai Man (M 02)
Dr Richard Maloney (Headmaster)Mr. James M. McLaren-Pearson (F 79)
Mr. Anthony C.P. Couse (SH 79)Mr. Charles S. Bostock (Staff)
Ms. Wendy W Y Law (Fd 95)Mr. Patrick Mulvihill (Staff)
Mr Stanley Choi (Parent)