The British Schools' Foundation is registered as a Charity in Canada, thus enabling tax-payers in Canada to make tax-efficient donations to their chosen School in the UK.

The Charity is administered by a small board of Trustees with representatives from Uppingham, Oundle, Radley, Rugby and Stowe.

In order to meet the stipulations of Canadian law, the purpose of these donations must be to support the provision of bursaries in particular, enabling access to an education at one of the five Schools for pupils that would otherwise not be able to do so. 

If you would like to make donation to support Uppingham School's Bursaries Programme, please fill in the donation form and return it to The British Schools' Foundation, 443 Union Street, Meaford, ON, N4L 1W7.

You will receive confirmation of the safe receipt of your gift, which will be disbursed according to your wishes.

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