Focused and ambitious, Uppingham gave Nayomi the opportunity to be independent and step outside of her comfort zone.

Following on from primary school, Nayomi was fortunate to receive a scholarship and bursary to an independent Senior School in Manchester. It was during this time that Nayomi considered moving on to a boarding school and Uppingham was the perfect choice for Nayomi. Honoured to be offered a scholarship and bursary at Uppingham, Nayomi was delighted to accept this opportunity as she embarked on her A levels.

Having grown up not knowing anyone who had experienced life at a boarding school, it was a big step into unfamiliar territory for Nayomi, but from day one she knew that Uppingham was for her.

From the very beginning, Nayomi was encouraged to make the most of all the opportunities that Uppingham had to offer her; to be independent and go after the things she wanted. These beliefs remain with Nayomi, and she has taken them with her into her career and her personal life.

Nayomi felt there was a powerful sense of community; with friends, in the houses, in the classroom and the wider school. A sense of belonging that really carries you through life. 

Graduating from the University of Bath with a BSc in Chemistry,  Nayomi decided to pursue a career as a lawyer. Having gained insight from her Uppingham peers about a career in Law, Nayomi started her journey to become a successful lawyer and hasn’t looked back since. Now a practising lawyer, focused on financial restructuring and insolvency, Nayomi aspires to grow and learn within the sector, with the ambition of becoming a Partner in the not-so-distant future.

As Nayomi reflects on her time at Uppingham with many wonderful friendships formed and incredible values that will stay with her through life, Nayomi has a wealth of gratitude for those who made her Uppingham journey possible.  

If I was able to meet someone who contributed to my bursary, firstly I would say an enormous and very obvious thank you.

"I think there comes a responsibility with being a recipient of a bursary. And it’s a responsibility that I take very seriously, and I never want to take it for granted and want to make the most of the opportunity that it’s afforded me.”

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