Supporting Bursaries at Uppingham

Make a donation and be a Changemaker

We are asking the Uppingham community today to give a small amount of money every month, every year to Uppingham’s vitally important Bursaries Programme.

Your support is needed for the many talented young people who have a passion for the sciences, art, sport and the performing arts who can't see a way of achieving their ambitions.

For those who have the talent, the curiosity and the passion but not the support to fulfil their potential. For those who can’t yet see a life beyond their current circumstances. 

Rebecca's story 

Robert's story

Nayomi's story

At Uppingham we want talented young people to be stimulated, challenged, and inspired by our expert teaching and state-of-the-art facilities. 

It is our vision to give 50 young people the gift of an Uppingham education with the support of a legion of donors giving small sums on a regular basis.

To reach our goal we need to raise £4 million by 2033 with 1584 donors giving £20 per month on average.

Whether it’s a donation of £2, £10, £20 or £40 a month, we want to make sure that five pupils every year can benefit from a life-changing Bursary at Uppingham and influence the world around them for the better. 

Meet Rebecca, Robert and Nayomi

For the Changemakers.

Not defined by where they have gone.

But where they are yet to go. 

Make a donation and be a Changemaker