The Upper Pavilion has served as the focal point of cricket at Uppingham since 1923. Many of our OU community will remember long sunny days spent enjoying the beautiful game with the beloved Pavilion providing shelter and refreshments as required! However time has taken its toll and the Pavilion no longer meets the needs of the School. In recent years, many have commented on the urgent need for improvement.

We are delighted to report that the School is  now making the biggest investment in cricket in our lifetime. With guidance from the Uppingham Rovers, the ECB and others, the Upper Pavilion will undergo a major refurbishment to bring it back to its former glory. It will be a refreshed, fit-for-purpose facility that meets the needs of contemporary cricket, within an aesthetic that proudly represents the proud history of the home of cricket at Uppingham.

The new plans will enable a sympathetic renovation of the structure, rethatching the roof and restoring aspects lost over time (such as an accessible balcony, and a centre-mounted clockface once synonymous with the facility) and rejuvenating run-down elements such as wood and paintwork. Internal work will include a renovation of the changing and cloakroom facilities and improvements to the kitchen. 

To enable this resurrection, Uppingham will need the support of the Uppingham cricketing community - parents and OUs. 

We do hope that you will join us and offer your support. To find out more or to make a donation please contact Helen White or complete the form below.

building progress august 2023